The vineyard

If the family knows how to expertly produce Armagnac since 1820, the wine culture has begun in the 70’s with Noël Laudet, the grandfather of Cyril. Formerly steward of the Château Beychevelle, he brought a new dimension to the estate: the wine. With his skills, he diversified the production by making dry white wine the other Château’ s standard.

Since he took over the property, Cyril has extended the range of wins and now offers dry and sweet white wines, rosé and red wines with three different appellations.

To match our lifestyle, our vision of culture and consumption in the long run, we conduct a rational culture of the vine, balanced between environmental respect and climatic constraints of the region. The soils are worked regularly to extract the most of their character and give an identity to the wines.

Harvesting is done by night, or early in the morning, especially for varieties that are assembled for white wines. Thus, the grape retains freshness that we can recognize in the wines.

Each variety is vinified separately; when the vinification is finished and we must create assemblies, they are chosen according to their aromas and typical characteristics.

Thus the estate offers three different ranges of wines, each one having a specific conductive line:

Terroirs Landais: Sables Fauves (dry white and rosé wines) and Chardonnay from the Landes. Wines with a complex winemaking and assembly, characterized by the mineral note of tawny sands soils.
Côtes de Gascogne: Terres Basses (dry white, rosé and red wines) and Demoiselle de Laballe (sweet white wine). Lively and fruity wines with a nice combination of freshness and acidity.
Tursan: Carpe Diem (dry white wine) and Raisin Volé (red wine).