A three-blends collection ; because the diversity of grape varieties and ageing that give Armagnac a rich and diversified personality make that there is definitely not just ONE Armagnac, but SEVERAL Armagnacs. Cyril & Julie Laudet therefore wished to offer several blends with evocative names: ICE / RICH / GOLD, to show the significance of ageing in Armagnac and to adapt their offer to various consumption patterns.

A collection adapted to new consumption patterns:


The youngest of the collection whose ageing in Landais oak barrels lasts a minimum 3 years. 47.3% ABV young Armagnac with freshness and fruit flavours, ICONOCLASTE because it has been developed to break away from traditional codes: it may be served as aperitif, dry, on the rocks and in cocktails.

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Minimum 12 years of ageing. 44.2% ABV. ESSENTIAL. It is a soft, balanced and intense Armagnac: perfect balance between mellow woody notes  and candied fruit aromas, the very essence of an Armagnac. Pure tasting or during a meal.

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Minimum 21 years of ageing. 41.6% ABV. ORIGINAL. It has aromatic complexity of an old Armagnac, powerful and elegant: subtle touches of exotic woods mingle with tobacco and cocoa aromas, a journey to authenticity. As after-dinner liqueur, pure tasting for Armagnac experienced amateurs  or less-experienced ones.

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