We inaugurate the Annexe in Capbreton in order to share our patrimony, knowhow and vineyard’s universe with the Landes’ coast.
It is a space dedicated to the discovery of the Estate, the tasting of its products, sharing and conviviality.
Of course we are far from the old stones of the Château Laballe, but the atmosphere of the Estate is there. The 5-meter high shelf (filled with canisters and bottles of Armagnac) transports you to the cellars; the big picture of the mill taken directly from the vineyards is staggering and the tasting table in the center of the room invites to discover the harvest’s fruits.
A beautiful mix of modernity and tradition, faithful to the image of Laballe, as seen by the 8th generation. A must see!

For professionals
Access to the Annexe may be easier for most of you who stay in the area or are visiting the French vineyards (Bordeaux-Spain).
You will be able to come and discover the universe of Laballe, taste the new vintages, and see what’s new.
The space is laid so that you can also come up with your clients, host a wine tasting or any other event.

For individuals
The Annexe is a showcase of the Estate made for you. You will be able to hear about our history, our vineyard and our expertise. Verbally and in pictures, this experience will be like a guided tour of the Estate.
You can taste our wines & Armagnacs and buy some products under the same conditions as if you were at Laballe!
We also offer Wine tasting classes for groups of 4 people and more, and can arrange a special event around wines & Armagnac from Laballe.

The Annexe tailored

The Annexe is a place to share and discover. The idea is to learn, taste, enjoy, share and discuss your feelings and sensations regarding the wines & Armagnacs of Laballe, but also those of Laballe’s winemaker friends on specific events.
The area was designed to host up to 50 people. According to your desire and your number, you can choose the sofas of the living room (up to 8 person), the high wood table which is very convivial (up to 16 person), or to occupy the whole space (up to 50 people).

This open space offers therefore several possibilities :
– Wines & Armagnacs tasting: discover and taste the range of products as if you were going to the Estate.
– Laballe’s friends: we organize occasional tastings of our winemaker friends’ wines. You will then be able to discover wines, champagnes, and liquors from everywhere in France. Dates will be communicated before each event in the News section.
– Introduction to wine tasting: we offer Wines and Armagnacs tasting classes on appointment for four people or more.
– Reservations: The Annexe may also be available for organizing your business or private events (seminars, birthdays… so many possibilities and ideas that we can discuss together).