Cocktails with Armagnac ICE-3 and Laballe wines

Thomas Girard, Head Barman of Hexagon in the three-Michelin-star restaurant of Mathieu Pacaud in Paris, offers a variation around grapes with two creamy and glamorous cocktails based on Armagnac Laballe ICE 3 and our Demoiselle and Sables Fauves sweet and dry white wine.

Three shades of vine

4cl of Laballe ICE 3 2cl of lemon juice 2cl of egg white 1cl of sugar syrup 6 white grapes 2cl of Sables Fauves(dry white)

Crush the grapes in the base of the shaker   Put Laballe ICE 3  lemon juice, egg white and sugar syrup Shake without ice Add ice cubes and shake Put into a cocktail glass Add Sables Fauves in the final, in “float” (using a bar spoon to blunt the impact of ingredients) Decorate with a small white frozen grapes








Laballe Demoiselle

Variation on the Cobbler, very fashionable cocktail in the nineteenth century.

2cl Laballe ICE 3 6cl La Demoiselle (sweet white wine) 1cl sugar syrup 6-8 of red and white grapes 3 slices of orange 3 slices of lemon mint leaves and red berries

Mash the fruits in the base of the shaker Add wine Demoiselle, Armagnac 3-ICE and sugar Shake on ice Strain into a wine glass Decorate with crushed grapes, orange and lemon slices, leaves mint or berries