Pièce choisie n°05 – 2004 

Grapes : 100% Ugni Blanc 

Alc. degree: 51°

Characteristics :

Characteristics :

Eye : This vintage with a bright color evolves to “old gold” color.

Nose : the fresh nose is dominated by fruity notes which remind the Blanche d’Armagnac and eaux-de-vie.

Mouth : the mouth offers a remarkable structure, with a vivid attack because of the youth of vintage. The complexity to which evolves this vintage with years is noticeable in the palate, due to a class and a balance of these alcohols and fruity notes. A real investment for your palate!

 Advise of Master Cellar : Promissing potential for this fruity and fresh vintage! Great balance with freshness and structure! 

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