Pièce choisie n°20- 1988

Grapes : 100% Ugni Blanc
Degré : 48.2°

Characteristics :

Eye : An old gold  color, with an astonishing purity impression. A translucent and shiny vintage with beautiful deep tears which falling down the length of the glass.

Nose : the young and fresh nose is flattering and pleasant. The exoticism dominates the aromatic bouquet. Laballe’s signature: Coconut milk, fresh wood, passion fruits, lemon, fresh almond.

Mouth : A lot of class emerges in this vintage with a light sensation of warm and softness  accompanying the coconut and passion fruit notes. The mouth offers a perfect balance between fullness and finesse of the wine. The milk and coconut aromas are well present with a lot of freshness. The final is very long.

Advise of Master Cellar : Great balance with freshness and strength. The terroir’s expression in this vintage is Laballe’s signature!

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